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If you have projects to organize, you owe it to yourself to check out Project KickStart. Organizing and scheduling a new project is much like writing a book; the most difficult part is getting started. Project KickStart is an application designed to help you get your projects rolling with minimum fuss and aggravation. Some project-management applications, such as Microsoft Project, don't offer much in the way of brainstorming tools to help begin your planning. Project KickStart does, using a simpler approach."                                                            

-PC Magazine
Jim Lynch



"Project KickStart's name illustrates its approach: Its objective is to help you get your project off the ground (and increase the odds that it will be successful) by providing a structured way to divide the project into manageable chunks... It's real secret is that the project holds your hand and walks you through each planning step so that you can't get lost.


Dan Littman



"Project KickStart leads you through the process of establishing a project plan. At every step along the way, it gives you a library of relevant information, e.g. a Phase Library to help identify the Phases in your project.  "Starting with a good plan is critical. A good plan aims people in the right directly, and lets them see the directions that everyone else will be taking. That's one of the keys to project success. For smaller projects, it may not be cost-effective to continuously refine the plan. A good initial project plan may be all that is required."


Bob Fabian


"Project KickStart is an application that is being raved about by software reviewers and professional project managers alike, as it has something to offer both the experienced and novice project manager."

-Project Magazine
James Appleyard & Lee Appleyard


"Project KickStart will get your complex plans organized quickly and easily. The intuitive interface and the library of ten sample projects make it easy to get started”.

-ZDNet On Line Reviews - 5 Star Rating


"Project KickStart is a pleasant surprise!  I loaded it, tried it, and within 24 hours was using it in meetings to assist clients in their preliminary project planningIt's a truly collaborative tool for that bumpy period of initial project planning... Nice work!"

-Microsoft Project For Dummies Martin Doucette

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