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  • Work with any size project -- up to 1000 tasks and 100 resources.
  • Drag and drop hints from Libraries of Goals, Phases and Obstacles.
  • Multi-line cut and paste. 10 levels of subtasking
  • Gantt chart for "big picture" scheduling. Includes a Done column and Bump Date tool.
  • Reports Generator for unlimited reports
  • Save As HTML -- post project plans on your Intranet.
  • Hot link to Outlook, Word and Excel -- include project plans in proposals and business plans.
  • Hot link to Microsoft Project, SureTrak, P3, FastTrack Schedule, Project Scheduler, Milestones, WBS Chart, PowerPoint, MindManager, ACT! -- great for novice users.
  • FREE technical support

Project KickStart requires no project management training to use and comes with free, friendly telephone support. Best of all, by working through the program's icons and organizing your project step by step, you'll develop a clear overview of the project and what it will take to complete it. You become totally in control -- more efficient, more effective, more successful.




        Communicate plans to others -- get buy-in before scheduling. Include project plans in proposals, budgets and feasibility studies.

        Expert guidance for novice project planners. The only project management program for all planners in a company -- HR, marketing, sales, operations, engineering, IT. They all have projects to plan and manage.   

        Professional project managers save time and money by building a strategic plan before scheduling. Obstacles and resources are anticipated early. More realistic project schedules result.

        Quick planning tool for individual and team planning -- build process templates for future projects.

        No long learning curve. You’re up and functional the minute the software is installed.

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