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    Automated and Manually Operated Equipment Design

    Software Engineering/PLC Programming
    Re-Engineering for Performance or Cost Reduction
    Reverse Engineering
    Costed Bill of Materials
    Biddable or "As-Built" Design Packages
    Fire Detection/Suppression Safety Packages
    Operation and Maintenance Manuals

PES staff have more than 35 years combined experience in automated systems design and the creation of manufacturing process equipment, in various industries. Whether your goal is new product development, motion control upgrades or the complete documentation of an existing system, we can support your needs.


We can also perform competitive analysis on several different products, reverse engineer systems, or re-engineer your existing product to reduce future manufacturing costs.


In need of a prototype product or full system FAST? No problem with our FastTrack Project Program. Accelerated design and manufacturing functions are acheived by assigning a dedicated project manager utilizing dedicated resources, through to project completion.


If you already have an existing product which requires further refinement, mechanical/electrical drawings, or operation and maintenance manuals, we can help. We run AutoCAD and SolidWorks software and team with some of the finest technical writers available.

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